The Game of Throne (Your guide to US Elections 2017)

Have you ever been in a situation when your friends have started discussing about an issue you were completely unaware of? There was no other option for you instead nod your head to the opinion or wear a t-shirt which read as “I don’t belong here”. The winter has come in United States and the white walkers have given appearances already. So, it is better that you start either reading about the elections or subscribe to one person who juggles with the hot issues in financial circus.

The United States voting system is pretty complicated and baffles a common brain so let me break it down for you

  • Primaries (January to June) – The primary elections are held to select the candidates first by Democrats and Republicans. The first states to vote in primary elections are Iowa and New Hampshire. Iowa caucus means several voters gathers in town halls to openly vote with hands up in favor of their candidate. New Hampshire follows conventional voting through ballot system. The winners from these states will be the final candidates and they would choose one member from their team to run as a Vice President Nominee with them.
  • Convention – This is where the Presidential Nominees start delivering their speeches and do meetings with their political party. A large number of people and supporters gather in these meetings.
  • Electoral College– Each state in United States has some electoral college votes which would decide the final president of US. On the election day, people vote and the candidate with the maximum number of vote wins.

Trade Joker is back with a special edition on the US Presidential Race 2017 just to make you sound smart the next time you land yourself in an unavoidable political discussion. The most powerful country on the planet is ready to choose its leader. The throne of Westeros will be claimed by its rightful heir. The lords and knights are ready to form a plan of action with and against each other. The fight is between the Democrats  or we should say  the house of starks and the Republicans i.e. the House of Lannisters, Targaryen and Baratheons. The nature of Eddard Stark ( before Joffrey beheaded him) was similar to a democrat. He would think about people, developments, crazy for go-green initiatives and above all so many welfare schemes in his blue eyes.

Now the Republicans do not create welfare schemes but would stick to the traditional and religious values, They would protect the one who belong to the country and thus will therefore devise strategies mostly to benefit the riches. That is one big trademarked Lannister we are talking about. They would not care about the greenery but would take measures to support natives. On the basis of honour and love for traditions and religion, the Targaryens and Baratheons would also qualify as Republicans

Democrats (Starks)

Hillary Clinton : Belonging to a wealthy family, she would be the closest to our lady Catelyn Stark. Her passion to fight and abolish the wage gap for women has moved Hillary up in the major polls. She plans to go against the Hyde Amendment which restricts the amount provided to women for abortion. She did step up in the past to save her family during the Bill Clinton controversy and so has Catelyn for Ned Stark. With an aggressive approach towards the use of military, Hillary sure is going to use it wisely than many of the republicans. She was accused of using her private email for work and was called and “national disaster” by the Republicans.

Hillary Clinton as Catelyn Stark

Bernie Sanders : A brilliant reflection of High Sparrow, Bernie Sanders has attracted majority of the youth in his campaign. He is honest, intelligent and progressive. He has continuously talked about income inequalities and has supported the healthcare system  For once, our Robin hood would not be a young guy but a 74 year old. He ensured that if he becomes the president, the tuition fee for colleges would be zero. Be careful Bernie, the major reason folks attend college is because there is a value attached to it. Many believes, he has a long shot but if he makes his way to white house, Republicans will take the walk of SHAME.

Bernie Sanders as House Sparrow

Martin O’Malley : Former Maryland Governor and once chosen the best mayor of Baltimore, Martin O’Malley is on the verge of getting out of the presidential race. He is our Robb Stark who had plans in mind, but couldn’t go far. There was a lack of experience but a strong vision. Now at Iowa caucus, it is impossible for Martin to continue the race unless FBI arrests Hillary for the classified emails controversy and disqualifies her or the voters after securing Hillary’s place give the remaining votes to O’Malley. Now, i would not say that there is no chance of that happening but as of now, Robb Stark is being stabbed to death.

Martin O’ Mailley as Robb Stark

Besides, these three i got to know there is a democrat named Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra and with all due respect for the Rocky T-Shirts he has been distributing i would like to conclude the Democrats category and move to the Republicans. But that wouldn’t be right so this is to you Rocky. I wish you a good luck in the next race.

Rocky as the wolf

Republicans (Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons )

Donald Trump: Guys! Meet Mr. Donald Trump. His words are provoking so many that we might as well just label him the proud initiator of The Great Third World War. I don’t know why he has to speak. Everytime he speaks about his plans after becoming the president I vomit. The grin on his face and his provocative comments about banning Muslims or closing gates to refugees has made me hate Donald Duck, McDonalds and every human, place,animal or thing which has the use of word Donald in it. He is leading the polls and stand on the top among republicans which by the way makes me question the western mentality a little bit. Now this is a typical Joffrey- Sansa situation. So if US is Sansa Stark then,

Trump as Joffrey Baratheon

Ted Cruz : Just running behind the race after Trump (Vomit) is Ted Cruz. A gifted communicator and plotter, Cruz has been swinging neck to neck against Donald Trump (vomit) and his friend Marco Rubio. A Cuban- American candidate he has impressed people by firstly, shutting vomit(trump) up and then keeping his foot down to defend the second amendment right which means the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. He also pledged to get rid of Obamacare and rebuild the military to use it “effectively”. He is a strategist and may not like his fellow republicans which makes him Tyrion Lannister

Ted Cruz as Tyrion Lannister

Marco Rubio : We can call him Ted Cruz’s nemesis, a Cuban- American supported by a huge number of Latino republicans in the east coast- New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia and Florida. He is enthusiastic and thinks Cruz is liar. However, Cruz and Rubio have been against and both believe in rebuilding of the military. But Marco Rubio has a huge Latino fan club and that is why he goes Anti-Trump and Anti- Cruz so that when both of them are out, he would be the chosen one to sit on the iron throne. He is trying hard in his campaign to climb over Cruz in the Iowa caucus. Renly Baratheon would finally escape from the shadow of death and would proceed for Westeros.

Marco Rubio as Renly Baratheon

Rick Santorum– He is a former Pennsylvania senator and won the last two iowa caucuses. Rick Santorum’s vision was clear but the emergence of sheer rivalry between Dump and Cruz captured media’s attention more. His views about Re-imposing the sanctions on Iran and the revitalisation of US manufacturing sector by reducing federal regulation caught a little attention. He complained about the shortage of media coverage in his campaign resulting in less voters. He quoted “if you can’t beat Donald Trump then support Donald Trump” Rick Santorum with his another fellow republican Mike Huckabee walked down with Trump during his campaign. That had surely pissed off the Rick fan-club and apparently he is being called to be sold out to Trump for money and power. He exited the race in the most bitter way. So, a person with a proven track record but not highlighted or recognised. This sounds like a Ramsay Bolton! what do yous say REEEEICK.

Rick as Ramsay

Jeb Bush : Raise your hands if you are sick of hearing about the Bush Dynasty and don’t want to make the same mistake you did with Bush Sr. and legendary George .W. Bush. The brother Jeb Bush raised enormous amount of $103 million from PAC (Political Action Committee) in the first half of the year but was not able to capitalise on it and lacked the spark. Like every Republican, he nagged about rebuilding the military and also called Hillary Clinton, a national security mess. Now i am not expert of the subject but if i were to pick a president blindfolded, I would not want another Bush to sit on the throne. For how long can we keep losing our shoes to this family. With all due respect, Jeb might want to carry his family name just like Stannis Baratheon. In spite of armies, and experienced guidance, Stannis failed to capitalise on the opportunities and so did Jeb.

Jeb Bush as Stannis Baratheon


Carly Florina : The former CEO of Hewlett- Packard and a business woman, Carly Florina was seen launching a direct attack over Hillary Clinton’s right to stand as a presidential candidate. Yeah, it was about the same email controversy which was discussed over and over and then i lost my interest in it, Florina, however highlights the importance of securing border, stick with the right to keep a gun, perplexed views about gay marriages and more importantly to free any American who earns under $30,000 from taxes. According to her, she spends more than that on the dry cleaning. That might turn into a deficit if she becomes the president isn’t it? A sharp and rich woman who would destroy anyone who comes between her and the throne. Someone, who plans to keep her allies closer, secure border and keep the army ready to send messages to the enemy- Cerci Lannister

Carly Florina as Cerci Lannister

Jim Gilmore : Frankly, i did not hear about the 65 year old candidate until Google directed me to an info page which tells about his short journey in the presidential race till now. He would appear in Iowa like an underdog and if he doesn’t shine then Jim Gilmore will Nomore be seen in the campaign. He plans to capture attention by cutting taxes and securing borders ( never heard this one before) and was pretty confident about leading the polls. The maths beg to differ though. But I would not keep him out as an underdog. He is trying and it is cute to see that so he is my Hodor

Jim Gilmore as Hodor


Chris Christie : He is currently the Governor of New Jersey and is going to be the next Robert Baratheon in the remake of the Game of Thrones. I am not making fun of his physique but only if he would hear someone else’s advice and not throw away his power. He sure has a big mouth but he did propose a plan to launch smart guns in New Jersey so it can be only used by the owner and not someone else. He is a republican but a complicated one. I feel, that one day a huge blow of wind will push Christie into Democrats. He was said to be inclined more towards Obama policies and that is why he has almost lowered his chances among the republicans.

Chris Christie as Robert Baratheon


There are few more candidates from the Republicans side like Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich and Ben Carson. I would discuss about them in my next issue. This is an early phase of the elections and just so you know my friends, it has just started. Today the results of the Iowa caucuses will be declared and slowly we would see only few lords and ladies survive to battle for the iron throne.

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Trade Joker would be back next week with Market Updates and special news on US Elections 2017.

Sources and References: The Financial Times, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, The New York Times, , Forbes, Business World,CNN, Asia one,The Wall Street Journal, World Economy, The guardian, The Washington Post

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.


Sources and References: The Financial Times, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, The New York Times, , Forbes, Business World,CNN, Asia one,The Wall Street Journal, World Economy, The guardian, The Washington Post
All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site.

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  2. The Game of Throne (Your guide to US Elections 2017) – Trade Joker

  3. The Game of Throne (Your guide to US Elections 2017) – Trade Joker

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